You don’t want to be committing any crimes after this

You don’t want to be committing any crimes after this

Do you have anybody that’s sitting in jail now, and you need to get them out as soon as possible, well you’ll have to post bail. For those who don’t know what bail is, it is a conditional release of a defendant who must appear in court. If they do not appear in court the bail will be fortified and they maybe committed with the crime. Felony bail bonds in Yadkin, NC is one of the places in the states that offer bail bonds like many other states. So how exactly can you get a bail bond, and how does it work?

How does a bail bond work?

            First of all you have to know there are two types of bails, a criminal bail bond, and a civil bail bond. The bail will be decided regarding this, the judge will set a specific amount of bail, and then the defendant can be released. If they cannot pay it by themselves them they can get help from a bail bondsman who will come up with the collateral. After that they have to appear in court unless they want all of their valuable items to be taken away.

How to get a bail bond?

            If you want a felony bail bonds yadkin nc you will have to contact a bail bonds business in NC, one of them being AJS Bail Bonding, you can set up a meeting with them and they will continue on with the rest. You just have to tell them the amount and they will take care of all the paperwork. And once the bail has been posted they will send a bond agent to receive the defendant. And that’s it.

How much will posting bail cost you?

            Bail is posted depending on the severity of the crime, there is no fixed amount as a judge decides then and there. Usually bail will exceed $500, bail for arson is around $7500 to $200000, where as bail for illegal marijuana will be around $5000 to $20000. There is no bail for murder, as posting bail for a murder could is a threat to the community, but there are some cases when the crime is looked into with fine details so a bail can be posted, and that could be over a million. Like said it depends on the degree of the criminal act performed. And 10% of the bail has to be paid to a bondsman, and if the defendant doesn’t appear in court their collaterals maybe taken away.

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