Why The Humble Broom Is Still Relevant In The Household Today

Why The Humble Broom Is Still Relevant In The Household Today

At this day and age, one would think that a broom might be a little outdated. With robotic autonomous cleaners that are controlled via phone and AI, the broom is still very much relevant in a household. Brooms are still very much used even in modern establishments. In the right hands, a broom can be a lifesaver. The broom has had many upgrades and the 21st technology broom is so much more than the brooms of yesterday. New materials, new shapes and new innovations make the humble broom a mainstay in any home and establishment.

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Technology And Its Influence

The main driving force behind the changes is, of course, improved user experience and reduce the fatigue associated with the usage of brooms. There used to be one broom for every possible use. Now brooms are made up of lightweight yet strong materials. Manufacturers began developing the ergonomics and contours of the household broom to be more comfortable, softer and conform to the hand shape of the person using it. Some used softer handles and rubberized grips on the handle for more control. Antibacterial properties were also introduced making them really clean up the places that need cleaning. Also, the modern brooms and mops now require less water. This removes the need to lug around heavy buckets of dirty water, improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

New Material Development

One of the biggest developments in the hospitality and cleaning industry is microfiber. Microfiber is a dense material composed of the minute and synthetic fibers. Because of this microfiber has been incorporated into mops, brooms and countless combinations of mops with brooms, with squeegies, and brooms with sprayers. There are a lot of different kinds of brooms targeted for specific flooring almost all of which you can find here, https://cleanhomeguide.com/best-brooms-for-hardwood-floors/. another advantage of microfiber is that they can be re-used and laundered multiple times. Eliminating frays and loose strands while giving more cleaning power.

Technology In Brooms

Brooms are still needed for those really hard to reach areas and for that really stubborn dirt that won’t come off with the use of a vacuum. The same technology applied in mops is also applied to brooms, especially in the materials used and in its ergonomic design. Soft rubber grips, nylon materials that make them lighter and more sturdy is applied. Arguably vacuums are more effective but as environmental awareness becomes more pronounced more and more people are supporting the use of more traditional methods of cleaning like a simple sweep of the broom.

Brooms For A Variety Of Situations

These tools are made specifically for the surface that they would be used in. For example, a soft bristle broom cannot be used for sweeping dirt or in use in the yard outdoors. If you have hardwood flooring, a broom which is non-abrasive and has soft bristles should be used. Plastic fiber brooms are more popular for use outdoors as they are waterproof and are more resistant to wear and tear from heavy use. One thing is for sure though, for every surface, there is sure to be a broom made to sweep off dirt from it.

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