What is super bowl 2020? How this game is being played?

What is super bowl 2020? How this game is being played?

Super bowl is an American football game which is being played to determine the National Football League. The super bowl 2020 is being played on February 2nd, this year at Hard Rock stadium in Miami gardens, Florida. This game was the 11th super bowl which is being conducted by the South Florida and the 6th game being played at the Miami gardens.

The first half was back and forth between both the teams and the game tied with 10 headings each. In the third quarter of the game, the 49ers begin to pull away the Robbie Gould field goal and got a rushing touchdown by giving them 20-10 lead.

According to the current play off systems which being followed in the game, the 4 divisional winners combining both the AFC and the NFC are headed as 1-4 and gave a won-loss-tie record in the regular season. The best regular season winners with the 2 non-division, a winner records each conference and are seeded 5 and 6 and these are called and referred as the “wild cards”.

Super bowl 2020 was held a few days ago and the 12 franchises have never won the super bowl till now. The patriots and the Steelers have won the game for the six times, the cowboys and the 49ers have won the game for five times, the packers and the giants have won four times, the broncos, raiders and the redskins have won the game three times.

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