What do we all know about heets ?

What do we all know about heets ?

HEETS are tobacco sticks that have been specifically created to work with the IQOS gadget. For you to experience the true flavour of tobacco, HEETS are placed within the IQOS holder and heated to a temperature of 350°C. Delivering a consistent tobacco experience is the focus of the HEETS design, which is incredibly small and carefully developed. In order to ensure that the ideal amount of tobacco contacts the heating blade inside the IQOS holder, the tobacco is specially prepared and compacted. The released vapour then goes through a cooling plug consisting of materials derived from maize, which causes the vapour to cool and reach the ideal temperature. Researchers discovered that IQOS’s marketing, which presents the product as “intelligent, high-tech, and aspirational” and “sleek, exclusive things equivalent to iPhones,” may appeal to teenagers and young adults. The use of e-cigarettes has increased dramatically, particularly among young people, many of whom have never smoked. In fact, between 2017 and 2018, middle school students’ use of e-cigarettes increased by 48% and high school students’ by 78%, respectively, and JUUL currently controls 75% of the e-cigarette industry. These worries are emphasised by a second study that was published in the journal Tobacco Control. Find heets terea buy options on spareparks.

Most loved heet flavour :

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A fantastic alternative to hazardous cigarettes has been made available by IQOS. IQOS Heets is a joy for people who are trying to stop conventional smoking. With this product, you receive a precise dose of nicotine without any ash. In Dubai, there is a big need for this substitute. It is simple to smoke inside without endangering your lungs or the people around you. There are many wonderful flavours available that will tantalise your palate.

Heets Amber Selection- The Amber option is the most coveted flavour. It smells fairly robust and has rich, toasted tobacco tones. These features make it the ideal choice for individuals who are unfamiliar with IQOS Heets. They will discover that it contains a substantial amount of nicotine, just like regular cigarettes.

Heets Yellow Selection– Compared to Ambeer Heets, it has slightly softer tones. This flavour is ideal for you if you prefer a subtle tobacco flavour without menthol. The combination of mellow tobacco and spiciness can quell your nicotine cravings. If you don’t smoke or only smoke on occasion, you can use it every day.

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