Things to consider when installing a garage door

Things to consider when installing a garage door

Remote garage door access is a smart and practical solution for homes.  Automatic opening without the need to touch the mobile is one of the many advantages. For this revolutionary and innovative service to work perfectly, the property must have a garage door installed correctly.

The traditional garage doors company have already become quite obsolete.  The automatic mode has become essential both in communities and in private homes.  Whether for repair or the installation of a new one, there are several aspects to take into account when getting down to work.

Safety is one of the main reasons for purchasing and installing an automatic garage door opener.  The possibility of being able to operate the garage door from the car avoids contact with the street and, therefore, reduces the chances of suffering any type of theft or incident.

 Automatic garage doors also have basic and essential security measures that prevent, for example, the accidental introduction of hands and/or fingers.  Photoelectric cells, safety cables and parachute systems are some of these elements.

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Convenience is another major reason to get rid of a manual garage door opener.  Nothing more uncomfortable and tedious than opening and closing very heavy doors.  Being able to do it from the comfort of the car, without even pressing a button, is something that most users today choose.  The time variable is also important: with an automatic garage door, both entry and exit are done in a matter of seconds.

Energy efficiency is another reason to add to this list.  An automatic garage door stays open for a very short time. Because it prevents excess cold or heat from entering.  In addition, their durability, as they are covered with steel and aluminium, is greater than the doors that were used decades ago.

The main types of garage doors are:
• rocker.
• folding.
• Slide.
• Sectional.
• Rolling metal.
• swing garage door

Folding:  It is one of the most common, made up of one or two folding parts that open upwards and make the most of the space.

swing garage doors: They are also usually composed of one or two leaves.  They open outwards, requiring space for them in front of the garage.

 sliding garage doors: They move to one side using a system of wheels and rails.

Sectional garage doors: Formed by several assembled sheets.  It opens upwards, differing from the overhead door in that it does not need to open outwards when starting up.

 Rolling metal blinds: In the usual style of those that protect commercial premises.  They are common in older garages.

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