Technology also plays an important role in the beauty sector . In fact, a series of machines has recently made it possible to significantly improve the quality of aesthetic treatments, causing immediately visible and long-lasting effects shop beauty products online.

One of these very efficient technologies in the professional beauty sector has been found to be Radiofrequency , the ideal method for improving the skin of the face and body . In this article we will find out more about Radio Frequency, how it works and what benefits it can transmit to people’s faces and bodies.

What is Radio Frequency?

By radiofrequency we mean a technology that allows, thanks to a deep heating of the tissue , to act on the skin relaxation of the face and body, also determining a remodeling of the same. The radiofrequency allows an internal stimulation of the tissues for a powerful increase of the natural biological mechanisms that slow down the aging of the skin such as the increase in the production of collagen and the improvement of the blood microcirculation.

How does the radio frequency work?

The capacitive radiofrequency to make the most of the so-called principle of diathermy, i.e. the heating of the skin following the passage of different electromagnetic waves that create a displacement of electrical charges present in the tissues in a state of rest, generating real displacement currents. A contrast between the resistance of the fabric and the displacement currents that generate endogenous heat. This heat is the element that promotes skin rejuvenation. This action leads to the regeneration of existing collagen and the creation of new collagen which causes an immediate lifting effect starting from the first treatment and which will subsequently be visible over time.

What is the purpose of radiofrequency for the body?

For the body , the results of radiofrequency are visible and stable over time . It actually improves the drainage of the tissue which causes a significant improvement in the microcirculation, also favoring the elimination of the first stages of cellulite. At the same time, the oxygenation of the skin also benefits from the effects of radiofrequency, improving cellular metabolism and reducing the accumulation of fats.

What is the purpose of radiofrequency for the face?

At the same time also on the skin of the face, the results of the radiofrequency work are visible starting from the first treatments and lastingly over time. On the face, the effects of this technology are those of a visible lifting effect obtained from the contraction of collagen fibers and an improvement in the toning of the facial tissues, significantly reducing skin atony.

There are different types of radiofrequency, each with a series of peculiarities and specific actions.

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