The common parts of a garage door

The common parts of a garage door

Automatic garage doors is the most popular ones in the market nowadays. In this post we tell you some of the most frequent repairs that we find as far as garage doors are concerned. Click here to know about Pflugerville commercial garage repair.

Garage Doors in the market

You might be surprised when you realize how many different garage doors are available in the market. While looking for a garage door, you should make sure you consider all the different features and options available in the market. Then you should compare these options according to your personal needs about garage door so that you can get the best door that will serve you for a long period of time in the following years. During the process of buying a garage door, we want you to consider more than you need today. You will need to consider what you will need at a garage door years later. In selecting the correct garage door, you can get quality service for decades, often 20 or 30 years.Visit this site to know about Pflugerville commercial garage repair.

Components of garage doors

There are two main electronic components that are used with current garage door systems.

Remote control

The first is the remote control, which is actually basically a remote-control switch. If the remote does not work, the solution could be as simple as replacing the batteries. If this does not work, the problem is with the transmitter of the remote control or the receiver of the central unit of the garage door. If the problem is not batteries, then garage door repairing team can quickly diagnose the problem.

Garage door

Safety eye

The second electronic component used with automatic doors is what is known as a “safety eye” or sensor. It is a sensor that checks that there is nothing in front or hindering the door. If a child or dog tries to pass when the door is closed, the sensor will detect the “intruder” and (in most cases) will reverse the garage door to go back up its lane. If the sensor is misaligned, the door may refuse to close.

Door body

There are different types of garage door body. Such as: aluminum, wooden, steel and so on.

Garage door hinges

The hinges allow the door to follow the rail more closely to eliminate the need to swing. Rusty or broken hinges can hinder the movement of the door and must be lubricated or replaced.

Rails for garage doors

The rails direct the door precisely along the path you must follow. For this reason, the slightest deviation in the lane can create serious problems for the operation of your door.

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