Home buyers have unique requirements these days and meeting those is making developers going for a hard drive even if the road is hotchpotch. Just a keen eye in detail- this is what is required for success in any business. Understanding the requirements of customers is the last thing that any entrepreneur has to d, and that is all, the venture/ project is bound to be successful. Dairy Farm Residences United Engineers Limited is a similar project delivering just this, a profitable venture for the developers and stellar homes for the buyers.

United Engineers, a reputed real estate developer in Singapore, was established in 1912 in collaboration with other companies. It is an age-old company which laid the foundation for the economic development of the country. Some of the national monuments that they take pride in are Cavanagh bridge, OCBC centre, British commission and former supreme court. Indeed it kept evolved with time imbibing new principles of construction along with traditional way of building.

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About Dairy farm residences and show flat:

Dairy farm residences is a new venture from United Engineers Limited which will be open for residents soon. They have a unique flooring system in this project. The show flat will be free for customers’ visit soo, and they have a privilege to select their choice of custom designs and furniture in the sample flat. The models displayed to give an excellent idea of what they can expect from them to be received flat. They also have featured one bedroom with complete interior design. They can also view other furniture to get an idea of how the flat will look after possession. Dining room, sofa set and other furniture like corner table are placed to give customers a basic understanding of the apartment after placing the furniture.

Are they well-furnished?

Most of the flats are completely furnished. They come with posh flooring, air-conditioners, heaters, wardrobes in all the bedrooms, toilet fittings, kitchen cupboards and slabs and mirrors. Once finalised, buyers can only focus on purchasing only their particular needs rather than wasting time on necessary things. Some flats also have a microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. If buyers don’t like any specific design, they can opt for a change in plans and models when they view show flats.

The building is very close to major shopping malls and centres. There are many schools and other educational institutions, so young parents need not have to worry about the prospects of their children. Overall, it is a pleasant experience to live in such a natural ambience.

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