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Why You Should Visit State Parks Near Chicago

Types Of People

If you’re a big nature lover, then first, you’ve got to start packing your bags and set sail to Chicago, Illinois. Why? Because the chicago state parks are some of the best in the world, you’ll ever find.  If you were already planning to go to a staycation over in Chicago for a bit of escapism from all the stress from work or college, this article would be perfect for you because it will tell you just what and where you need to go to get revitalized.

If you’re the third person out of all of these and you already live in Chicago but never got a real chance to explore the place, this is a sign for you from the universe telling you that you need to get out and see for yourself what wonderful parks await you in your city.

Chicago State Parks

How Many Are There?

There are plenty of amazing parks near Chicago—a line and a line that you will see a billion times when you visit any sort of article. What makes these parks different is how you spend your time in them and the sort of memories you create.

This article won’t give you a set list of parks you need to visit and why you need to visit. It will drop a few hints here and there so that this is an interesting read for you and you actually learn something and are excited for your trip to a chicago state parks, even if it may be because of the fact that you need to walk your dog.  There are some parks in Chicago which even offer you a cabin so you can spend a night over and truly discover how wonderful the park that you are in is.

In Chicago, there are a ton of parks that you can explore whenever you have free time but there exist a few that you need to make time for. There are local parks, and there are national parks.

Sum up

Maybe you’ve heard about some of these, maybe you’ve even visited some of these (only applies to people who’ve lived in Chicago), but you can find plenty of parks for all the good reasons—where all you have to do is stare up at the forms of the clouds and feel the weight from your shoulders drift away.