Scrapping and deregistration of a car – do not sell for a while

Scrapping and deregistration of a car – do not sell for a while

Car sales must always be reported to the appropriate communication department of the relevant eldership. According to the letter of the law, the seller or lucky former owner has 30 days for this. Drivers often forget about it. The buyer of the car may not intend to register it, just dismantle it for parts. However, a car that is not suitable for driving, and we do not want to renovate it is better to unregister. If he remains registered, he should have civil liability insurance according to the law by vehicle disposal Perth  Penalties for its lack – as we have already mentioned – are severe and can be obtained even when the car does not go on the road.

Car inspection every six months? The authorities are considering such changes

These cases are scrapping at the Vehicle Dismantling Station. The second situation is vehicle theft. The third reason is the export of the vehicle from the country, its sale, and registration in another country. The fourth, random, is used in the event that it is necessary to delete the car vehicle disposal Perth, even as a result of an accident or arson. And the fifth, i.e., documenting the permanent and complete loss of the vehicle.


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A car or other vehicle to be scrapped must be complete. The main thing is the weight, which can not be less than 90 percent. Own weight recorded in the registration certificate. This requirement applies only to passenger cars. The Vehicle Dismantling Station may demand a zloty for each missing kilo. It may or may not.

 An old vehicle is priced at good professional stations. In general, we pay up to PLN 400 for a car, minus PLN, for each missing kilogram. We also provide transport of the old vehicle to the station and take home a certificate of scrapping and an invalid registration certificate and vehicle card, if one was issued. With such a set, you can already go to communication. Admittedly, illegal scrap yards offer better prices for old cars, PLN 100-200 more. However, such a transaction is at risk of conflict with the tax authorities. Such companies usually buy cars for so-called poles, i.e., the homeless or people with mental disorders. The second situation where we can unregister a vehicle is its theft.

 In this case, you must provide the appropriate certificate confirming the theft reported to the police and the owner’s statement about the loss of the vehicle or prosecutor’s decision to discontinue the investigation. The cost of deregistration, in this case, is also PLN 10.

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