Rainbow Shark Male Or Female- Fish With The Red Fins

Rainbow Shark Male Or Female- Fish With The Red Fins

Getting a pet is a responsibility itself, especially for pets like cats and dogs. Hence, people often choose to pet small animals like hamsters, mouses, iguanas and fishes. The most common out of all the small pets has been owning an aquarium full of fishes. Some prefer to buy only one fish. In most cases, it will be a Goldfish.

 And others like to decorate their aquarium with different kinds of breeds. If you are one such people, it is time for you to get something out of the ordinary. Rainbow shark,male or female, although hard to determine, is one of the beautiful and colourful looking fish that you can own.

What is a rainbow shark?

Their name may create a misconception. Everyone knows that sharks are big, deep water fishes that feed on other small fishes. And the word rainbow in their name creates an image in your mind of a fish in various bright colour. Well, Rainbow sharks are none of that.

These fishes originated from Southeast Asia’s warm river and are tropical freshwater cyprinid. They have vibrant red fins and territorial nature. But their nature does not come in their way of compatibility. Rainbow shark male or female is compatible with most other species. They are semi-aggressive and are omnivorous. Hence, they are a great choice if you want an aquarium with numerous breeds. These fishes grow about six inches, and their life span is considered to be from five to eight years.

They have a long delicate shape with a flat stomach, upright dorsal fin and pointed snout. They get the name of the shark because of their upright dorsal fins. These fishes like to hide behind the small water grasses, in between the rocks and so on. So, if you are building a home for them, make sure it is full of hiding places.

However, identification of their gender has remained a mystery. It is impossible to learn their gender when they are juveniles. Experts have stated that once matured, and the females tend to grow a thicker body while the males develop minute black lines on their tail fin.

Do not be surprised if you see a rainbow shark with an orange fin. Those are the most common variety and goes by the name of Albino Rainbow Shark. You can choose to get them both or any one breed, but their characteristics remain the same.

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