Important Things to Know When Buying a Smartphone online

Important Things to Know When Buying a Smartphone online

With the flash sales & lucrative deals, many people are now buying mobile phones on internet. There are some users who stay unsure of ordering online phones and tend to choose about the next smartphone purchase and reach to the nearest retail shop armed with proper knowledge about the price and specs. But, with the tech websites & social media playing an important role in influencing the buyer’s decision, it’s important for the people not to believe everything they see on internet to choose which mobile phone to buy. So, here are some top things that you need to know when buying Vivo v11 Pro smartphone.

Verdicts of the ‘popular’ influencers on the social media sites (or apps) like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are mainly paid. Instagram is the favorite’s media websites for the marketing team of the smartphone brands. The brands mainly pay money to influencers for creating the hype around the new mobile phone. Thus, it’s highly suggested not to blindly trust the Instagram posts for knowing about the mobile phone’s performance and other features. Thus, do not fall for the posts by the celebrities. They are mainly paid to advertise the phone. Remember the favorite actor, cricketer and other celebs are highly paid to post the photos of the new phones, just like TV ads. But, in reality, they will not possibly be using that phone they ‘make’ you to buy.

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  • Do not trust the reviews on the e-commerce sites completely. They’re influenced by a few brands that try and hide the negative reviews and show paid reviews.
  • The benchmark test results do not mean much. You must not focus on them a lot. The brand new mobile phone will show the top performance & battery results. But, more you use this phone, the benchmark scores will fall. Also, certain brands have fudge benchmark scores. Thus, do not focus on the benchmark test results.
  • Never decide which mobile phone to buy as per the market share or shipment reports from the research firms. Only because some mobile phone company is the top smartphone brands in terms of the shipments does not mean all their products are good for buy. Keep in mind; you aren’t buying company but some handset from that company.

So, these are some of the top reasons to look at when you buying smartphone online. There are many website that you can choose from.

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