How you can quickly interpret Your Car VIN Number

How you can quickly interpret Your Car VIN Number

Car VIN code is made up of 17 characters both letters and numbers that describe various things about your car.  An automobile manufacturer assigns VIN code to a specific vehicle; this includes; country origin, airbag type, model year, engine type, trim level, vehicle type, and plant name. Car Safety is the fundamental purpose of the VIN number if you want to confirm whether your car is subject to the recall.

How VIN number operates

The information provided by VIN number works in groups, and the search about car describes a lot about your vehicle. VIN number lookup can also detect fraud in a system of check digit described below.  The first group 3 letters and numbers in VIN code compose the World-Manufacturer-Identifier (WMI).

The Origin Country

The first letter or digit identifies the country origin, for instance, a vehicle made in the United States start with number one, four or five. Mexico is designated by 3 while Canada is number 2. Japan is recognized by letter J, England identified with S, Germany W, South Africa K, and both Finland/Sweden is represented by letter Y.

vin number

The manufacturer

The manufacturer is the second section of this group which in some instances it is the letter that starts with the name of the manufacturer. For example, Audi is identified by letter A, while BMW is recognized by letter B.

Vehicle Model/type

The third digit is combined with 2 numbers or letters to indicate the type of the vehicle or manufacture division. Wikipedia page also consists of WMI codes. The other next digit to lookup is position 4 to 9 that indicates car descriptor section. The number or letter in position 11 shows a manufacturing plant, which is the place where that particular vehicle was collected. The last 6 digits which are position 12 via 17, indicates the numbers of production sequence which every car receives on the collection line.

 How to decode Vin Number

You can access personalized, quick, and free vin number lookup via site. Through this site, you can check your vehicle’s data within a few seconds. However, you might deal with several ads that surround data you receive from a VIN decoder. However, what you will achieve is worth and accurate to look at.


With an instance regarding the history of 2011 Ford-Mustang-GT, you will discover that the manufacturer is not recorded as Ford-Motor-Co. It is because Ford didn’t get the purchase same as Chrysler.

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