How much do you know about osteoarthritis of the knee?

How much do you know about osteoarthritis of the knee?

If you want to know about osteoarthritis of the knee, then you are in the right place. Lt us talk about osteoarthritis of the knee. Click here for orthopaedic surgeon novena.

Causes of osteoarthritis of the knee

A healthy knee cartilage has a function of cushioning and protection in the knee, which absorbs shaking. This cartilage ensures that there is no direct friction between the femur and the tibia. The wear of the cartilage according to the natural processes of age is normal during life. However, under certain circumstances excessive wear may appear. One possible cause is overload, for example by heavy physical work, competitive sport or overweight. Inadequate loads due to improper movements during sport or due to an incorrect position of the joints can also be the cause of cartilage wear. Knee osteoarthritis can also develop due to joint injuries and bone fractures. In the case of gout there is an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. If the knee joint is affected by these accumulation processes, cartilage tissue is damaged and knee osteoarthritis can also occur. Visit this site for orthopaedic surgeon novena.

Diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee

In case of prolonged or recurring pain, we advise you to see your doctor. This can diagnose a “knee osteoarthritis” and detect other inflammatory conditions of the knee, such as arthritis or joint effusion. The right contact person is a Traumatologist.

Knee osteoarthritis therapy

The cartilage damage that already exists is irreversible. Since osteoarthritis has no cure, treatment focuses mainly on alleviating pain and slowing the progression of the disease.

Conservative therapy encompasses weight loss, if necessary, a lifestyle that protects the joints, drug treatment, physiotherapeutic exercises and orthopedic products. The elastic bandages knee discharge joint pain and often also relieved by heat treatment. In addition, analgesics and anti-inflammatories are used to alleviate pain and to prevent inflammation. Specific types of sports, defined exercises and physiotherapy achieve better mobility and strengthen the muscles.

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