How Do Physiotherapists Provide Care?

How Do Physiotherapists Provide Care?

Physiotherapy is the medical profession concerned with prevention, assessment and treatment of impairments in physical functions that cause pain, disability or discomfort. Physiotherapists help to prevent and treat disease or injuries caused by physical trauma and diseases like arthritis. They also provide rehabilitation for conditions such as chronic heart failure, cancer, back pain, stroke, spinal cord injury and more. Here is how physiotherapists provide care.


Physiotherapists use evaluation tools to assess the condition of their patients. They first do a general assessment and then focus on specific body parts. Evaluation is done with physical examination, interview, range of motion testing and diagnostic tests like X-rays or MRI. Based on their findings, they come up with a care plan consisting of management strategies that will help improve the physical performance of their patients.

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Treatments and rehabilitation

The goal of physiotherapy care in brampton is to restore function that has been lost due to injury or disease. Physiotherapists recommend exercises and modalities to help their patients recover. These treatments and interventions are designed to help build strength, endurance, coordination and balance. The purpose is to get their patients active again.


Physiotherapists provide advice on activities of daily living like walking, climbing stairs, lifting things etc. They also offer advice about activities for specific conditions such as heart disease, cancer and more. Patients can get advice on which type of exercises will help them strengthen their muscles and increase mobility of body parts.


Physiotherapists recommend exercises and lifestyle changes to prevent injuries and diseases. They can advise their patients on how to avoid falls, first aid techniques to manage simple injuries, exercises that help improve posture, diet tips, sleeping patterns etc. Physiotherapists can also be involved in research and development of new devices that will help people with disabilities.

Stand-by care

Physiotherapists provide emergency care such as triage and immediate treatment to control bleeding. They also help their patients to manage pain, muscle spasms and other symptoms that may be caused by a condition like cancer, heart attack or stroke. They can also help patients with mobility problems like arthritis.

Follow up and monitoring

Physiotherapists keep track of their patients so that they can monitor the progression of their conditions. They will review progress with their patients couple of times a year. They also meet regularly with their patients to check on the progress of their treatment plans.

Training and certification

Physiotherapists must undergo training and get certified through professional associations in order to practice. Many provinces require physiotherapists to complete certification programs which include coursework, practical attendance time, written exams and practical assessments. All certifications are administered by provincial professional associations based on their respective mandates.

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