Everything About Cab Services In Singapore

Everything About Cab Services In Singapore

Private rides are all the rage in Singapore, and one can find many different companies if one wants to hire a cab. Newer companies have also started 24 hour cab services for those who need them.

From comfort taxis to city cabs, taxi services have upped their game and been at the forefront to innovate and meet their customers’ needs. While a lot of commuters have shifted towards the newest and cheaper alternatives, a lot of them remain loyal to the older versions of the first cabs that roamed the street of Singapore.

Whatever your preference may be, it is a good idea to know all about the cab services in Singapore and what kinds are available.

Cab services in Singapore 

The cab services in Singapore go as far back as 1970 and have been around for a long time. The different cabs available in Singapore include:

  • Comfort taxis 

These are the oldest taxi service in Singapore. Comfort transportation was established in 1970 as the ‘Workers’ Co-operative Commonwealth for Transport Limited’. The company aimed to uplift the lives of cab drivers by providing them with better employment, pay, and a chance to build a better life. It has now grown to become the second-largest taxi service in Singapore owned by ComfortDelGro.

  • City Cab 

City Cab was started in 1995 as a joint venture by ComfortDelGro and Singapore Technologies Kinetics. It works mainly as an airport transport service, as it was formed by the merger of the cab companies that took care of airport transportation.

  • SMRT Taxis 

SMRT taxis are one of the premier taxi services in Singapore. Operating island-wide, they have a great many selections of taxis to choose from. You have the option of going for an MPV, London cab, or even environment-friendly cabs. This public taxi is hugely popular across Singapore due to the options they provide for their customers.

Singapore cab services are premier services focused on providing customers with the best and fastest service possible. Most of them offer pretty high rates, but this has to do with the various qualifications that a driver is supposed to have to be eligible to drive a cab through Singaporean streets. Thus, with highly qualified drivers, the best cars on the road, and the most impeccable service, you can be assured that you will reach your destination as quickly, safely, and as stylishly as possible.

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