Can You Trust Movie Ratings? Find Out Here!

Can You Trust Movie Ratings? Find Out Here!

Many people have noticed that the movie and television show ratings today are completely different from what we were used to when we were young kids. This is why we often wonder whether what they deem as ‘kid-friendly’ movies are really appropriate for kids? According to studies, it shows that the government and industry movie ratings are more lenient over time. Violence and sexually explicit contents are now into films.

123 moviesHere’s What Parents Can Do!

This is what scares most parents. They do not want their kids to be exposed to these inappropriate content. That is because most children these days now have access to movies and television shows online. Because of online movie streaming sites like 123 movies, it is now easy to have access to any movie as long as you have an internet connection. But what can parents do? Let’s go ahead and find out.

  • Educate Yourself About the Rating Lingo. If you do not understand what NC-17 or R-Rated means, then you have a problem. Movie ratings are there for a reason. So even though many would say that the movie is ‘okay’ for a child to watch, you should find out for yourself. Those who give the movie ratings use quota or what we call ‘threshold levels’ for violence, sex, and even swearing scenes in the film. Parents will sometimes have a hard time understanding this jargon.
  • Watch Together. If you have time, watch the movie together with your children. This way, if there are inappropriate scenes, you can either skip the part or explain to them what is right and wrong. This is why co-viewing is highly recommended. Do this as often as you possibly can.
  • Look For Family-Friendly Resources. If you lead a busy life, co-viewing may not be possible. What you can do is find reputable and independent parent resources that rate movies and television shows. This way, you will have an idea about how the movies are viewed by other parents. You would know what to expect. These review sites would also show other parents’ detailed summary of the movie and what they suggest.

Movie Rating Guidelines

In the United States, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are the ones who give a rating to the movies and television shows that we view these days. They have a full-time board with up to 13 raters who are also parents. They watch the film one at a time and take note of any offensive content – violence, sex, foul language, or drug use. They then assign ratings on these films based on what they believe what the the majority of the American parents would consider as the rating of the movie.

Because of the government and industry parental guidance ratings, this gives parents a ‘guide’ on what movies or television shows are the most appropriate for your children. Still, nothing can replace the time you spend sitting down with your kids and watching the movie together with them. But if this is not possible, seek help from trusted parent-friendly resources.

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