Best Comedy Series On aha

Best Comedy Series On aha

Who doesn’t enjoy a good entertaining show with a lot of comedy to hike up your lazy Sunday afternoons or Saturday evening. While the lockdown has left us bored and life mundane and monotonous, the film and entertainment industry has continued producing content to help the legacy of cinema running. Even when the pandemic has deprived us of watching films in theatres, it has boosted the crowd in OTT platforms and streaming platforms.

The advent of OTT Streaming platforms has helped bring new and unique content that is entertaining and gripping, and the Telugu film industry is no exclusion.

Widely known as Tollywood, the industry has produced some great films that have heightened the collection of Indian Films.

Digital content has seen the addition of recent trends, including more small-budgeted films that break from generic movie plots. There are also unique entertaining shows and talk shows with no censorship, new actors, and content-rich plots that have been accepted well because of OTT platforms.

Including a vibrant list of movies and series you can choose from, OTT Platforms like AHA where you can watch series online, movies, and shows online. Specifically, catering to region-specific films like Telugu films to keep movie buffs and the audience entertained this lockdown where you can watch series online, movies, and shows online.

One such entertaining show trending on AHA is Tamasha with Harsha, and you can exclusively watch the series online.

An eight-episode runner, Tamasha with Harsha stars the comedian HarshaChemudu as the main host having fun and ridiculing comedically the guests that come every week. The show opened with Niharika and Navdeep as the first guests and ending with VarshaBollamma and AnandDevarakonda for the first season.

The show is all about comedies, and actor Harsha is planning to make you laugh out loud as he interacts with celebrities and roasts them savagely and hilariously. It’ll be a laugh riot, with high intensity, friendly banter, all in his theme. Take a look at what’s hot, fun, and happening with the fire of roasting burning with an extreme dose of laughter.

As the show premiered on AHA with new episodes airing every Friday, you can binge-watch Tamsha with Harshaand enjoy the comedy-packed show in your boring lockdown.

With a wide variety of genres and shows available on the OTT platform, AHA lets you watch Telugu movies and content online.

On the show, the comedian shared a bit about his lockdown experience, to which he says that the lockdown had shut movie halls but kept the cameras rolling, and it was then that his career skyrocketed. Colour photo, Krishna and His Leela, and MaaVinthaGaadaVinuma got him critical acclaim for his performance. This bagged him the opportunity to co-host the talk show Sam Jam with Telugu actress Samantha and his talk show, of course, Tamasha with Harsha.

You can view all these contents and the journey of HarshaChemudu in the lockdown in AHA along while you watch Tamasha with Harsha show online.

AHA is a subscription-only OTT platform that lets you watch Telugu content ranging from movies, web series, and shows. While some content is available for free, most are ready to be viewed with just a subscription. Check out their official site to know more about the OTT platform and their subscription plans.

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