A New Vaper’s Guide to Know About Vaping

A New Vaper’s Guide to Know About Vaping

This text is aimed at anyone interested in the subject of e-cigarettes for the first time. Be it because you want to quit smoking or just to have fun with the e-cigarette. At first most of us are overwhelmed with the mass of new information we are facing regarding vape.

What Is Vaping?

The use of electronic cigarettes is called vaping. As the name suggests, vaping is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The largest target group for e-cigarettes are smokers or ex-smokers who want to say goodbye to tobacco and who, according to current knowledge, have found a far less dangerous method in vaping. Nicotine can also be consumed when vaping, but in contrast to tobacco smoke, e-vapour contains significantly fewer harmful substances.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

There is no combustion with e-cigarettes. The inhalant is created by the evaporation of liquids, so-called liquids (also e-liquid or e-juice). The basic functionality is very simple. The evaporation is caused by heat. Electric power is used to generate this heat.

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An e-cigarette consists of three main components:

A battery supplies the needed power to the evaporator unit. Inside the vaporizer, the current flows through a coil of wire. The coil is usually called a heating wire, heating coil or coil. As with a stovetop, the coil is heated by the flow of current. In the coil, there is a wicking material which is drenched in the e-liquid. The liquid evaporates due to the heat generated. This vapour is inhaled through the mouthpiece. There are different types of e-cigarettes. You have the choice between smaller baking steam devices or powerful one’s Sub-ohm e-cigarettes for direct lung vaping. So-called Cig-A-Likes are the most compact e-cigarettes and are both visually and functionally reminiscent of a conventional tobacco cigarette.

What do I need to start vaping?

Whoever wants to initiate vaping confronts avast range of vape products. Without knowing what is needed, it can quickly become overwhelming.

The basic equipment for the new steamers is very manageable. All that is necessary is an e-cigarette, consisting of a battery carrier, vaporizer unit and liquid.

Almost all manufacturers now offer so-called starter sets. Starter sets contain all the hardware needed to get going.

Most of the time, a charger for the battery is already included and, if necessary, various atomizer heads. Starter and entry-level sets are priced between approx. EUR 30 and EUR 80.

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