6 ways for the company to reduce its carbon footprint

6 ways for the company to reduce its carbon footprint

If your business is a hotel, restaurant or lobby, it is producing carbon emissions in some way or the other. It is produced from the day to day activities increasing carbon emission by 8% in the environment. Minimizing these emissions is the first and foremost thing. Carbon offsetting helps in reducing carbon emissions by reducing other greenhouse gases. It also financially supports projects by capturing CO2 from getting out in lower volumes. Whether your company needs carbon offset or not depends on the budget you are willing to spend. It is easier to use and making a company financially stable. Some of the benefits are listed as under:

  1. Using of LED lighting

LED lighting is very much efficient compared to any other type of lighting apart from natural lighting. LED bulbs to use less than 15 times less electricity saving on electricity bills and saving money. This in turn helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

  1. Enabling of power save mode

For all appliances used continuously like monitors and laptops, turn on the power save mode. It leads to less energy and battery drainage making the company more efficient. Many companies nowadays take the turn of enabling power save mode at all times.

intelligent energy-saving management system

  1. Going paperless

Giving up the paper and going digital bits of help in creating an eco-friendly environment as the making of paper means using bamboo for the same and making of paper leads to a whole lot of carbon emission. Without any paper, it also helps in taking up mounds of paper and more storage spaces come out.

  1. Using recycled products

If you have implemented any recycling system in your business, then recycling of paper, plastic, print cartridges, etc. is helpful by all means. You can also create many new products using recycled products. This way there is a reduction in carbon footprint helping from the environment forefront.

  1. Recycling of metal

An intelligent energy-saving management system deals in 100% recycling of metals efficiently. The installation of a metal recycling portal in office premises is so necessary for the same. After drinking cans and meals, the metal can be thrown into the metal recycling system for changing it into something useful. It helps in saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

  1. Unplugging of phone chargers

Keeping the phone charger in the plug point is so important while working in the office. But for reducing carbon emission try keeping the plug off to reduce consumption of a significant amount of electricity.

Also, try using office furniture made using sustainable products like wood to create a positive environment. Trying some green initiatives ensures reducing carbon footprint to a long extent.

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