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How to Obtain Emotional Support Dog Letter

Getting emotional support has become the need of the hour, as there are so many issues and stressors around us that constantly poke until it takes the shape of the grave disorder. Well, one can easily find people who are suffering or battling with numerous psychological issues, and most of the people face issues like depression, anxiety, where emotional support is said to be the best therapy so that you can easily get rid of the disturbing emotions.

It’s good to look out for the support from external modes, but it often fails to give desired results; therefore, it becomes important to look out for such support and motivation that will help you to see life with a new spectacle. Animal support is said to be one of the most viable options, and nowadays, it’s common to find people who are opting for emotional support dog which is helping them to overcome psychological blues and issues.


To have an emotional support dog, you need to qualify for the same, and you need show proof, that you have such a disability wherein you’re in dire need for the support system. To get an ESA certificate, it becomes important to know about the basic information as this will help you to have the relevant information about the same.

As per the state laws of the US, it’s impertinent to have the certification of before you tag your pet as Emotional support dog. To get an emotional support dog letter, you need to follow a few steps so that you can easily take your pet with you.

An emotional support animal letter that you get from the licensed therapist or mental health professional that gives you in writing that your pet is animal support service animal. To get that it becomes important to have a certain kind of mental malady or in other words, the doctor should consider you emotionally disabled. With so many types issues and psychological problems doing the round it becomes important to fall under the category so that you can easily get the certification or letter that acts as testimony for the issues so that you can easily have the service animal.

How to obtain the certification?

As we all are aware of the fact that it’s not possible to have the ESA’s with certain certifications and to help you here, we bring you some of the qualifications of obtaining emotional support dog letter. You have to have mental health disorder that falls in the category of the mental disorder version 4 or5. Moreover, various conditions will certainly help you to have the certification for the same. Also, ailments like learning disorder, anxiety disorders gender issues and bipolar disorders and various issues will help you to have the certification. You can easily get the documentation from the doctor in fact; your GP can also help you to write the certification of the same.